Why We Did Not Pay for Our Children's College
Paying for college is hard in this economy.  Kids learn responsibility for their actions and have ownership in their education when they have to find ways to figure out how to pay for their own college tuition. They are less likely to do poorly if they are paying for their education, rather than their parents.

Top Ten Tips for Raising Teenagers

Teen years are often difficult for the teen and the parent. Here are 10 tips to help your teen reach their potential, and to help parents guide them as they grow.

How to Raise Kids to Survive Their Future

Parents behavior and actions affect their kids.  Parents need to be strong when raising their kids.   It's a difficult job, do you have the skills to do it?

Child Rearing 101: What Separates Bad Parenting from Good Parenting 

Good parenting takes commitment and backbone.  A parent must give guidelines and discipline, along with a lot of love to make a difference in a child's life.

Life Lessons I Learned from My Mom

Life lesson from our parents can be invaluable. They frame us and help us with raising our own children.

Being a First Time Parent 

Bringing home our first born can be scary and wonderful all at the same time.  Here are some tips and advice to help new parents with their newborns.

Play Time Helps Children Maintain Balance in Mind and Body

Kids need to be kids.  Play time allows them to be themselves and to be creative.  Play time is where they get physical exercise while using their imaginations.

Keeping your marriage fresh when you have kids is important for you and your partner.  This article makes some suggestions on how to save your marriage while raising children.  Sometimes it is very challenging to keep an adult relationship going while parenting, but it is well worth the effort.

Tips for Quality Time with Your Children: An Investment with Many Returns

Quality time with your children can never be replaced.  It is an investment in a life time of love and family.

Jail or Consequences

Parenting is difficult and it takes self-discipline for the parent.  Most parents want to raise productive members of society, but some parents don't believe discipline is the way.  If you leave out discipline and guidelines in your child's life, you are doing your child a disservice.

Tips for Saving Money from a Frugal Mom

In today's economy, we have to pinch every cent we get to raise a family.  Here is one mom's way of saving money and stretching a dollar.

Russian Baby Yoga or Shaken Baby Syndrome?

Lena Fokina's Russian Baby Yoga is  dangerous.  A child's brain, especially a baby's brain, is not developed enough to take the trauma of her form of baby yoga.

Why I Love Being the Mom of Teenagers

Parents have to experience each stage of their child's life.  In this article a mom explains how she feels about each stage from baby to teen, and why the teen years were her favorite years as a mom.

Worst Halloween Mom

Halloween is such a fun holiday for kids.  Hopefully, you have the touch for Halloween costumes and decorating.  If not, look for someone to save you, or I should say your children.